Speed Racer

Jam-Air Motorsports was formed in 1980 by my father John Martin. He successfully campaigned his series of Jam-Air Special Funny Cars from 1980 thru 1989. He was considered one of the last successful independent teams in the big show.

Fast Forward to 2006 where I decided it was time for me to follow in my father’s footsteps. I basically told him I am doing this with or without you. He was still not 100% over how his career ended and so the journey started on my own. He eventually joined me in 2007. We built a very successful Index Alcohol Funny Car that won back to back CIFCA titles and back to back NHRA Heritage series titles

In 2011 my dad’s long time friend the late Bob Brooks and him put together our current Nitro Car with sponsorship I had acquired.

We took most of 2013 and 2014 off due to some personal issues I had to deal with and my father’s health battles. As we look forward to 2015 we are excited about our new direction with Mach III Motorsports and the recreation of The Amazing Speed Racer AA/FC.

We are based out of San Dimas, CA. Our first race in Nitro with me at the wheel was 2011 at the March Meet. Our new Speed Racer Omni will either be February or March 2015 depending on a few deals we are currently working on. The best memory of this car was our first round win in 2012 against Paul Romine. We both ran 5.77 and I beat the former world champion on a holeshot. I think the scariest moments for me came at the 2012 Nightfire nationals when we had a horrendous blower explosion that set the car on fire in the first round against Mark Hentges. That race lead to me making some pretty big changes that I have never looked back on. We like racing against the best because to be the best you have to beat the best. Hands down Jason Rupert is the class of the field, John Hale is always tough, Paul Romine, Sanders, Turner, and Thompson.

Our team is led by crew chief Shane McWilliams. He is the heart and soul of this team. He and I make all the decisions now. His strengths are in the clutch and mechanical aspect and ironically he taught me that I knew more about fuel systems than we thought with my engineering degree in refrigeration

Clinton Hess is our car chief and he is a perfectionist. He won’t let me get in it if it’s not right

Kevin Wittwer is our in house fabricator and handles one side of the motor

Tim Ritchey handles the other side of the motor

My father handles fuel when he can go to the races

My lovely better half Cami Beck-Martin runs the business side of things.

We are currently working on filling two more spots for the 2015 season

We have 2 philosophies we follow:

  • The 7 P’s- Piss Poor Preparation Presents Piss Poor Performance
  • Keep it Simple & don’t confuse the fuel!!!

Our team is sponsored by CP-Carrillo, ProLong Super Lubricants, Phenix Industries, DMPE, Fuel Injection Enterprises, DJ Safety, Dave’s Gaskets, Williams Performance, Pro Manufacturing, WE Machine, and Shaker Shirts. We are always working to secure additional support as these things take a lot to run. 2015 is a rebirthing of this team. We step away from our family legacy to bring back one of the most popular funny cars of all time “The Amazing Speed Racer”. This recreation is being done with the blessing of Dale Armstrong. Since the announcement was made, Wes Kase, Mike Kase’s son got into contact with me and gave us his blessing is well. We want a car that looks fast sitting there, performs well on the track, and is something the kids can relate to. The team is family owned. My father and wife are both involved.

We love the personalities of the cars and the people. A lot of good people who are passionate about what they do yet the cars still resemble the Golden age of funny car racing.

Follow Us at facebook.com/machIIImotorsports or www.machthreemotorsports.com