Chris’ competitive lifestyle started at the early age of 10. He grew into a sponsored BMX racer whose highest accomplishments were placing 1st in the Race of Champions and the Grand Nationals (Cruiser Class and 20”) of 1998. His sponsors were S&M, Puma, and AXO. Once the local trails were torn down in his hometown he made a transition to stunt bike riding which would carry him from 2004-2011. Elijah would eventually put the bug of drifting in Chris’s ear which he immediately grew fond of, and started drifting his garage built, 350hp, Supercharged, CHP Ford Mustang. The mustang did just enough to feed his need until it broke the harmonic balancer which led Chris to purchasing his first 240sx and swapping in a RB25DET.

Through the years he has gained experience, technique, and value and is now piloting a 450hp LS2. Chris is the team’s fabricator/car builder. He is the one responsible for the parts TBTM sells as well as the parts, cages, modifications they have on their vehicles. Chris would earn his Formula Drift Pro2 license in Golden Gate Drift in 2014, and would make his Formula Drift debut in 2015 and would go on to pursue the same dream again in 2016. Be on the look out for this dedicated driver in the Pro2 field in 2016!